KPH AWARD is a Nordic cultural award. The big Award Show takes place in November 2013.
The award is given to cultural and social entrepreneurs that contribute to cultural life in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

KPH AWARD 2013 is divided into 3 prizes, and this year companioned by the YES Award:

1: KPH AWARD DKK 5,000
2: Online prize of DKK 5,000
3: The Respect prize of DKK 5000

4: The YES Award – presented by Roskilde Festival and IDA.

- The KPH Award is chosen by a jury of 12 people from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

- The Online Award is chosen from this facebook page, – here you have to vote/like the best project, – and the winner of the online prize is the project that has received the most ‘likes’.

- The Respect Award: The nominated participants must each vote on one of the nominated projects, and it is therefore a respectful price between participants.

- The YES Award is chosen by a jury from IDA (, YES (Young Engineers Solutions) Roskilde Festival/Orange Innovation and KPH.


- KPH AWARD 2013:

You have the opportunity to submit your own or others’ projects for the award.

The best 20 projects are chosen; 5 from both Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, and they will be selected by a nominating committee and be nominated for the KPH AWARD prize. Afterwards a jury, consisting of prominent entrepreneurs from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway, will decide who will win the KPH AWARD prize.

Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will all compete equally in all the prizes.

The goal is to expand KPH AWARD with a new Nordic country each year. This year, Finland has been chosen by KPH to be included in the KPH AWARD 2013.

CRITERIA on which the nomination is based:

1. The project is developed independently of established institutions and is realized from the age 15+. The project takes place within the participating countries
2. The project should have a clear cultural and/or social purpose within an innovative perspective and should contribute to the cultural life of the surrounding community
3. The project activities must be open to the public
4. The project must be new or be at the start-up phase
5. All text and materials must be in English

6. If the project is finally nominated, two persons from the project has to participate in YES 2013 (Young Engineers Solutions and KPH AWARD) from the 13th – 15th of November. The prices are given the 15th of November at the Awardshow Copenhagen Creative Summit.

YES 2013 is a two day workshop during Copenhagen Creative Summit. Roskilde Festivals Orange innovation will facilitate ten challenges that needs your inputs on sustainable living.

DEADLINE :  (DK) On September 1st, 2013

- Watch the video about KPH AWARD 2012 here: